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Ich Klein11

Since 2010, the news of the disorders, uprisings, and violence escalation in the Middle East is overwhelming. The Arab Spring, which has now turned into winter, was an expression of desire for freedom and dignity. However, it created new players with conflicting interests, while unveiled the fragility of the structures in the region. Consequently, it produced a very high dynamic environment, which shapes new macro trends, which lead to hardly predictable new realities on the micro-level.

This blog reflects some of my thoughts, experiences, and analysis of these developments in the Middle East.

I am interested in following-up and analyzing of movements for freedom and human rights in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, where communities have suffered under the rule of dictatorial governments since the beginning of the last century.

My mission is to work on the developing of the society, in order to correct the course of the process of democracy and human rights in the region.
In this website, I share some of my studies and articles on the situation there, which gives activists and politicians a better understanding of what is happening in the region and to help those interested in the developing effective programs for capacity building.
I also share thoughts and reports on the changes in the business trends in the world, which can have impacts on our lives and our decisions.

Currently, I am working for a global company specializing in strategy, business development, and project management. Furthermore, I collaborate with a number of think tanks and research centers inside and outside the Middle East.

June 2014